Welcome to fetcha!
Fetcha was founded by those who have volunteered in rescues and shelters with hope to help save lives.
We felt we could save more lives by starting a rescue matchmaking service that would reduce adoption return rates, save MORE lives than ever before and keep adopters from going to breeders.

Shelters and rescues have so many different breeds and ages..
Its time to make rescuing the cool new thing to do!

From designer mutts to purebreds, we will help YOU find them. 
Lets find your "match made in rescue"!
By submitting an application online we can narrow down your search. We can begin working with our partnered rescues and shelters to find YOU the match of YOUR dreams.
Are you a rescue or a small business looking to team up with us to help save more lives?
Contact us  and lets get our friendship started!

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Rescue Partners
Have a question for one of our matchmakers? Do you need help with signing up?  Are you intrested in joining  our fantastic network or do you want to send us your rescue success story?

Contact us!
We would love to hear from you!
Matchmaking is one of our favorite things to do!

Are you looking for a pet in rescue?
Are you tired and frustrated that the pet you applied for was adopted when you submitted your application?

Let fetcha help you! Simply fill out a matchmaking application!
fetchas whole purpose is to help rescue and shelter animals! Without our rescue friends we couldn't save the lives who are at risk! Check them out! 

Want to join us? Contact us!
Rescue Partners
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